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Nia's intention is to address fitness & wellness and the unique, ever changing needs of you and your lifestyle. In Swahili, Nia means with purpose and is designed to help you approach everything with purpose, feeling, passion & electricity.

Rich in diversity, Nia is energetically textured with the brilliance of Eastern & Western movements. The stillness of Yoga, the power of Martial Arts and the grace and spontaneity of Modern & Ethnic Dance. Let your body move your heart sing and your spirit soar to dance this most exquisite dance of life called Nia. Subtle therapeutic suggestions and visualizations help you develop awareness and heighten sensation. Nia turns your workout into body work, making comfort, pleasure, joy and passion a priority. Nia's barefoot, grounded approach maximizes body efficiency and teaches you to consciously move in gentler ways. Subtle therapeutic suggestions and visualizations help you develop awareness and heighten sensation.

The choreography encourages a new way of moving that allows for more creativity and individual expression. Nia uses organic, self guided, internally directed movements to deliver mind, body fitness. Using a soul-stirring blend of music, visualizations, sounds, grounded movement & energy, these techniques enhance & free the body from physical tension & emotional restrictions while at the same time strengthening your heart, mind & emotional self.

Nia is the 21st Century lifestyle and movement practice which empowers people of all ages, all levels, shapes and sizes. Every experience can be adapted to individual needs and abilities. Nia prides themselves on delivering the world's very best Somatic Education. Step into your own joyful journey with Nia, and positively shape the way you feel, look, think and live.

Debbie Rosas Stewart & Carlos Aya Rosas created Nia in 1983. Nia grew out of a personal & professional quest to discover a more pleasurable & expressive way to move the body. Nia is now taught to over 100,000 students by more than 2,800 Certified Nia Instructors practicing worldwide in 48 countries.

"Allow yourself the freedom to grow and expand. Form the habit of saying YES to your own potential. Take time to think of all the reasons why you can and will embrace wondrous new possibilities and adventures" ~ Don Ward

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