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Tracey Fenner

Certified Nia Black Belt Instructor | Nia 5 Stage Instructor | Co Creator of Aura

Dancing has been part of Tracey's life since the age of 3 years.

She cannot remember a day as a child when she wasn't hopping and skipping some where.

Tracey left home at 16 years to attend the Northern Ballet School in Manchester, England. After extensive classical training Tracey graduated and danced professionally for a number of years before becoming a full time teacher. Tracey has almost 2 decades of teaching experience traveling extensively worldwide.

In 2007 after nearly a decade of teaching in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Tracey discovered Nia, a path that would change her life forever.

Tracey has been trained by the Co-Creators of Nia, Debbie Rosas & Carlos Rosas and International Master Trainers Helen Terry & Ann Christiansen. Tracey experienced the transformational power of Nia from these great Masters and with self-development her journey has lead her to fully commit to this wonderful practice and to sharing the gift of this body of work with others.

Now based in Hong Kong, Tracey has been instrumental in introducing the Nia Technique to the city, and is currently the only Certified Nia Black Belt in Hong Kong. Tracey facilitates transformational Nia class experiences, workshops, & retreats around the planet at renowned yoga conferences, academies for performing arts & dance, award winning health & healing resorts & destination spas, creating a sacred space for her knowledge and wisdom to inspire others.

Tracey is a dedicated and passionate teacher who encourages people to rediscover their passion for living in and loving their bodies, moving in gentler ways and nurturing 'self', directing energy within oneself and enhancing better health, greater well-being, inner growth and greatness. When asked why she dances, Tracey replied,"It feeds my spirit in profound ways, dance has always been a sacred practice to me, it heals my soul and is my purpose in life"

Tracey's class experiences are tailored for both beginners and seasoned practitioners, every Body is welcome to 'step in.' Tracey embraces life with vibrant, artistic expression. Be guided and nurtured by Tracey and master the art form of Nia for yourself; it's the best medicine you can give your body, your mind and your spirit.

Tracey is the Co-Creator of Aura, a yoga/dance inspired clothing label for women. Aura is made in Bali and was created out of Tracey's personal love for Nia and Dance.


If you enjoy dancing as a way of incorporating fitness, want to burn calories AND have a great time Nia is definitely worth trying. Tracey’s passion for Nia and her clients are noticed from the start, and I always leave each class feeling invigorated and happy. Instead of punishing yourself with another boring cardio class try Nia and bring back the “fun” in fitness. Julie Chiu RN, MS, CHC, IC® ~ Mindful Eating, HK

I’ve been going to Nia classes with Tracey Fenner for about four months now, and I love it! I love the combination of different forms of dance, martial arts and body awareness – so every class has a variety of styles and it never gets boring. I especially enjoy the focus on having fun, honouring my own body and doing what feels good for me. The music is great too! So the whole thing is lots of fun, and I get a terrific exercise workout without any pain! Kay Ross, marketing consultant & coach, editor & copywriter. Company is Kay Ross Marketing, HK

For the first time in the past 15 years, I finally managed to commit to a form of exercise, and do it almost effortlessly! It is because NIA is beyond just exercising your body. NIA taps deeper into yourself in a way that makes it easy and fun. I love how open, flowing and exhilarating every NIA class is: the focus set for you to contemplate throughout the day, the thoughtful movements that stretch not just your body but also your moods, and the playful approach that ignites your spirit. I truly enjoy exploring and exercising my body, mind and soul with NIA – especially with the guidance from Tracey who is a wonderful teacher! Her passion for NIA shines through and keeps on inspiring me to continue with NIA!” ~ Lie Fhung, Visual Artist & Designer, HK

What I love the most about Nia is it’s holistic approach to fitness. As we start the class, we embark on a journey of emotions that frees us to be our true selves. Nia gives it’s participants the structure to move within the choreography that allows for freedom to chose our movements and to express ourselves. As a former highly competitive athlete, I appreciate the freedom Nia offers. There is no competition and a deep respect for our own limitations. Definitely a new and refreshing experience for me! Nia is for everyone and I highly recommend it. Ana Scherer Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker, HK

I started Nia to lose weight after having my 2nd baby which I couldn’t seem to lose anymore with my regular gym. I lost 2 kg in 2 months from the excellent cardio workout which didn’t leave me in pain or over-tired because it’s smartly choreographed to have no aggressiveness on the body. All movements are fluid yet work on deep core muscles and tones the body. But what I discovered and love most about Nia is the mind-body-spirit experience which connected me to all the different aspects of which I’ve lost touched with: the inner child, the tomboy, the young sensual woman, the career-minded business woman, the spiritual soul – all find a place to get expressed in a single hour dance of Nia…I feel fulfilled and wholesome after a Nia dance. I highly recommend Nia to anyone who wants a shapely body silhouette , a healthy mind and a fun & enjoyable hour spent celebrating life. Maureen Ong, HK

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